HLG week in review 4.2-4.6

Legalizing Marijuana Could Help Opioid Crisis, Treasurers Seek Clarity on Federal Marijuana Policies

Marijuana Legalization Could Help Offset Opioid Epidemic, Studies Find

(CNN)Experts have proposed using medical marijuana to help Americans struggling with opioid addiction. Now, two studies suggest that there is merit to that strategy. Read more.

New Belgium’s New Hemp Beer is on Tap Now. Except in Kansas. Here’s Why.

Beer aficionados and hemp advocates across the country can now toast a pint of New Belgium’s Hemperor HPA.Except in Kansas, where the craft brew — like hemp — is banned. Read more.

Pa.'s Joe Torsella Joins State Treasurers from Calif., Ill., and Ore. Asking Jeff Sessions for Powwow on Marijuana Banking

Pennsylvania Treasurer Joe Torsella joined counterparts from three other legal-marijuana states this week to request a meeting with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The treasurers want to resolve conflicts between state and federal law to pave the way for banking services for cannabis growers and dispensaries. Read more.

What’s Behind Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Growing Pains?

The program is about to enter Phase Two. Here’s what went right (and wrong) in Phase One. Read more.