Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers

Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers: The Time To Move On Florida Is NOW

The Florida Department of Health adopted rules and noticed proposed regulations that establish the procedure by which applicants can apply for Medical Marijuana Treatment Center licenses. These rules and regulations also establish the process for evaluating the applications. The Office of Medical Marijuana Use will publish in theFlorida Administrative Register and post on their webpage when the office will begin accepting applications and the deadline.

What people need to know is that while no individual resident rule is in place there is a requirement that the “Applicant” be a business registered in Florida for the five consecutive years prior to application. This makes it a little more challenging for out of state entities or individuals to get a license, but not impossible.   

In essence there will be nine licenses available with additional scoring for certain classifications (i.e. black farmer and citrus facility). While up to five of the licenses will be awarded for this period, the additional licenses will be awarded contingent on the registry reaching 100,000 patients. There is no additional application window considered. In addition, it is interesting to note that Florida has followed the trends of other newly regulated markets and requires a diversity plan, which is valued at 100 of the 1150 points available.

For those seeking legal counsel, Hoban Law Group is on the ground in Florida and we are able to integrate national experience with local knowledge and practice. Thus, the time to move on Florida is now. Like other markets, potential applicants have been on the ground planning for months if not years. 

David Kotler, Esquire is Counsel to Hoban Law Group and a shareholder with the law firm of Cohen Kotler, P.A. located in Boca Raton, Florida. In 2014, he formed a practice area in Medical Marijuana Business Law for the State of Florida which allows him to draw from all of his practice areas to benefit his clients. He was one of the first attorneys in Florida to undertake representation of individuals and entities hoping to open a "cannabusiness" in Florida after the legalization of full spectrum medical marijuana. He consults with a wide range of individuals and companies countrywide and serves as outside general counsel for numerous cannabis industry clients. He can be contacted at davidk@hoban.law.