California Passage of MAUCRSA

The Passage of MAUCRSA Is Good News, Here's Why

On July 26, 2017, the State of California issued a statement regarding the upcoming withdrawal of proposed MCRSA (Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act) regulations after the passage in late June of the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAURCSA) that creates one regulatory system for both medicinal and adult-use cannabis.

Essentially, this means that businesses and consumers will need to wait until later this fall for new proposed regulations. Until this past June, MCRSA (passed in Fall 2015) governed medical cannabis and AUMA (passed in Nov. 2016) legalized the adult use of cannabis. The two regulatory structures, however, had a number of significant differences. In order to reconcile these differences, at the end of June the Governor signed into law MAUCRSA. This new statute repealed MCRSA but maintained a number of its provisions.

Though you may need to wait a few months for new proposed regulations, the passage of MAURCSA is good news. By streamlining the regulation of medicinal and adult-use of cannabis, cannabis regulations will become generally more efficient with one set of rules instead of two. Additionally, MAURCSA eliminated many of the limitations in MCRSA as well as the in-state residency requirement in AUMA.

Hoban Law Group Attorney, Patrick Goggin says, “The withdrawal of MCRSA's proposed regulations shows the fluid nature of the laws and regulations surrounding cannabis. The legislature is still in session and may yet pass additional changes to MAURCSA. Keeping an eye on developments is therefore critical for industry folks and those considering entering the space. Furthermore, by monitoring developments as they happen, Hoban Law Group is able to keep its clients abreast of changes and refinements in the laws/regulations governing cannabis ensuring our clients' ongoing compliance.”

Patrick Goggin is Counsel to Hoban Law Group. Mr. Goggin began working on medical cannabis regulation in San Francisco in 2005 when the City commenced its regulation of dispensaries. Since then, he has represented clients throughout Northern California on compliance issues and permitting of all facets of medical cannabis activity. He served on San Francisco’s Medical Cannabis Task Force from 2010-11. Patrick can be reached at 650-238-9119.