This Week In Review: Top Cannabis News - 8/6-8/12/17

Survey: Nearly Half Of People Who Use Cannabidiol Products Stop Taking Traditional Medicines, EPA Won’t Regulate Pesticides On Cannabis Crops, Leaving Consumers At Risk, Who Can Control Marijuana? The Constitution Says It's The States, Cannabis On The Colorado Border: Trinidad Sued After Enacting Pot Club Moratorium

This Week In Review: Top Cannabis News - 7/30-8/5/17

Congressmen Introduce Bill To Exempt Industrial Hemp From Controlled Substances Act, Finding Of Possible Conflicts In Md. Medical Pot Program Sparks Call For Legislation, Employers Testing For Marijuana Will Increasingly Miss Out On Good Workers, NFL Offers To Work With Players’ Union To Study Marijuana For Pain Management, Ohio Weighs Over 100 Medical Marijuana Rules, Sen. Booker Introduces Marijuana Bill Focused On Racial Justice, Descheduling, Funding

This Week In Review: Top Cannabis News - 7/23-7/29/17

ASU Announces Hemp Initiative, Lawmakers Defend Plan For Local Control Of Marijuana Shops, California Issues Statement on Upcoming Withdrawal of MCRSA Regulations, GOP Blocks Amendment To Allow VA Doctors To Recommend Medical Marijuana To Vets, Senate Panel Passes Preliminary Vote to Protect Medical Marijuana