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SAFE Banking Act

Due to difficulty in obtaining ­financial services and because marijuana is a "cash only" business, ­marijuana-related businesses (MRBs) face staggering safety, security and operational issues. Help is on the way for this $7.2 billion per year industry via the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act (SAFE Banking Act), 114 HR 2076, the stated aim of

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Canna Business 101: Underpowered and Oversupplied

They're legalized marijuana's "dirty little secrets;" grid-crashing energy demands and glut-producing price drops. Permitting only energy-intensive, indoor growing facilities, neither Pennsylvania's Medical Marijuana Act, 35 P.S. Sections 10231.101-10231.2110 and regulations promulgated thereunder (Pennsylvania marijuana law), nor the program's regulatory agency the Department of Health (DOH), provide for the increased electricity demand, grid reliability or carbon

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Brief Summary of PA’s Department of Health Secretary, Karen Murphy’s press conference.

Today, Secretary Murphy made several announcements relating to the administration’s progress in implementing the Medical Marijuana Program: Physician Workgroup Physician and healthcare professional feedback is vital to the successful implementation of the program, and the Department of Health continues to receive valuable recommendations from the workgroup including clearly identifying the role of physicians serving adults

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