About Samuel Scheurich

Samuel is born and raised in Phoenix, AZ and is now in his fifth year of practice. He focuses primarily on civil litigation.

Litigation Looms As The Likeliest Outcome Of Oral Contracts Or Handshake Deals

To professionals having recently entered the industry space for legalized cannabis and hemp, the adjustment from the types of commercial issues encountered while working for a large mainstream corporation can be an abrupt, if not outright dramatic, switch. As an old legal saying goes, a contract is a contract is a contract. Yet, not all

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Litigation Pitfalls – The “Hand-Shake” Contract

Having entered the cannabis and hemp legal space less than a year ago, the adjustment from the commercial issues I encountered working in-house for a large corporation, to those which arise during my “new” day-to-day practice are less than subtle, but certainly not dramatic. As litigation goes, things are not terribly different – as a

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