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Going to Where the Puck Is

A Much Needed Paradigm Shift Toward a Whole Plant Approach You’d never make it in the NHL if you were a defender who always followed the puck. It’s not about where the puck is now, but all about anticipating where the puck is going. The same is true for the people thinking about the hemp

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Big Boss Man: Can’t You Hear Me When I Call?

Despite years of ignoring federal cannabis research applications, has the DEA given hope for a new frontier on cannabis research? Late last month, the DEA announced it's providing a pathway to expand opportunities for scientific and medical research into cannabis. I say cannabis because, even though the DEA’s announcement used the term “marijuana research,” it

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An Unbroken Chain?

On August 1, 2019, Colombian cannabis producer Clever Leaves announced that its hemp oil brand, Esenia, had become the first hemp-based wellness product manufactured in Colombia to be imported into the United Kingdom for commercial purposes.  Several days later, on August 19, 2019, PharmaCielo Ltd. (the Canadian parent of Colombia's licensed cultivator and producer of medicinal-grade

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Risky Business: Investment In The Absence Of Federal Marijuana Legality

A quick note on language. Recently, there’s been a trend to rebrand the marijuana industry as the cannabis industry. While I understand the desire to move away from a word with a maligned origin, I can’t help but feel this escalates confusion; because hemp is cannabis, and marijuana is cannabis. And because legal definitions matter.

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A Tale of Necessity & Invention: Looking At Poland’s History With Hemp

Three years ago, I was in Poland representing a client in negotiating a license for industrial hemp seed varieties from the world’s leading hemp institute — The Polish Institute of Natural Fibers and Medicinal Plants. We were staying in a historic hotel in Poznan, a city of around 550,000 people; one of Poland’s oldest and

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Why There is Still Reason to be Optimistic About Legalization, Even in the Sessions Era, by Robert Hoban.

Entire libraries seemingly have been written about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ distaste for cannabis. We all know the 70-year-old former U.S. Senator from Alabama is not a fan of marijuana. We also know he is very much against legalized recreational pot sales. But while most of the writing on the subject has signaled some sort

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Trump, Spicer and Sessions: Why We’re Not Panicking and You Shouldn’t Either

Over the past two weeks, comments from certain members of the Trump Administration, including Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, have given the marijuana industry plenty to talk about. At a multi-topic press conference on February 23rd, one quick question to Spicer about Trump’s priorities for federal enforcement of marijuana laws led to an

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Comments from Bob Hoban on the recent article, Colorado pot industry steps up pesticide fight against regulators

The cannabis industry needs to mature very quickly when it comes to pesticide use.  While there seems some debate about the State's pesticide enforcement policy as it pertains to regulated commercial cannabis, what people need to know is that the State's enforcement policy merely echoes existing requirements under federal law; namely, that pesticide manufacturers establish

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