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Patrick Goggin is a Senior Attorney at Hoban Law Group. He has waged battle on the frontlines of industrial hemp and general cannabis reform for two decades.

The Future of Hemp in California

The Growth of California Hemp Four months into the great 21st-century pandemic, it is a good time to look at the progress California is making on hemp, the challenges it has faced, and where the hemp roads lead in the golden state. 2019 saw over 30,000 acres of hemp grown in California under the 2014

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California Suspends Additional Cannabis Licenses

Some California licensees are starting off 2020 in a regulatory predicament. In early January, California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control (“BCC”) welcomed the new year with a bang by suspending another 252 cannabis licenses. This most recent round of suspensions comes on the heels of the BCC’s, and other regulating agencies, first round of suspensions. In

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Will Congress Provide Direction to FDA?

Earlier this week, as part of the Senate Appropriations Agriculture Subcommittee meeting, Senator Mitch McConnell (KY) submitted language concerning hemp-derived products and the FDA’s lingering uncertainty concerning the same as a potential proposal to be included as part of forthcoming budgetary legislation. The forthcoming proposed budget provides $2 million to the FDA for research, policy

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California’s State of Hemp

It’s midsummer with California’s State Assembly in recess, a great time to assess the state of hemp in the Golden State. Consistent with history, we find both progress and growing pains in the process. At the end of April, after much anticipation, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) made registration applications available to

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Hemp Update: 2018 in Review

More than a decade since its seminal ruling in HIA v. DEA II (2004), the Ninth Circuit again weighed in on hemp issues in 2018. Last time around, the Court invalidated a proposed DEA rule that would have prohibited the human consumption of hemp food and body care products. This time, the DEA issued a seemingly innocuous

By |2019-12-18T12:58:30-07:00February 5th, 2019|Hemp|

California Legalization 2018: Navigating the Regulatory Process

With the kick off of California’s first legal adult use cannabis sales on Jan. 1, comes a lot of confusion. While the state just issued emergency draft regulations on Nov. 16, Los Angeles and San Francisco are among the many cities still struggling to adopt local rules for cannabis shops and growers. Without local regulations, there could

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