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About Mathew Auric

Matthew’s practice is focused on finding real solutions for his clients’ business needs so that they can make more money. He has a long history with the cannabis industry dating back to the ’90s.

 Your Valuation, My Terms. 

Looking beyond the valuation of a cannabis business to create a valuable relationship. George has an aptitude for making the best concentrate he has ever tasted; all his friends agree. Jean had grown up gardening with her mom in Humboldt, and has been growing cannabis for a living for over a decade.  When they met,

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Look Beyond the Valuation of a Cannabis Business to Create a Valuable Relationship

Many cannabis investors and companies seeking investments are looking to establish relationships with each other as strategic partners, not simply silent partners. A strong relationship between the two parties should be a top priority — if the parties aren’t willing to work towards this common objective, it is unlikely a good match. Using the process

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