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State-Legalized Marijuana and Real Estate

Download Full Article A Lexis Practice Advisor® Practice Note by Cátia Kossovsky and Garrett Graff, Hoban Law Group. This practice note discusses (1) the challenges that can arise when marijuana-related businesses (MRBs) rent or purchase commercial real estate, (2) MRBs’ insurance needs, and (3) the ability of residential landlords and common ownership associations to limit

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6 Questions About Traveling With Marijuana, Answered

America's relationship with pot is changing. While the substance is illegal to use or possess on a national level under the Controlled Substances Act, some of the county's states, territories and the District of Columbia have been passing laws to the contrary, and in very different ways, since 1996. At the publishing of this story,

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European CBD: Checking The Currents In Continually Changing Markets

Europe is a diverse region in constant flux, and as a result so its regulations are ever-changing. While the European Union (EU) includes 27 member states with approximately 447 million residents, the United Nations also recognizes 17 other nations on the continent. They make for a lot of moving parts, and despite overarching laws and

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Hemp in California: State to revisit legislation allowing CBD in food, beverages

Hemp entrepreneurs in California are optimistic that long-awaited state legislation to legalize hemp-derived CBD as an ingredient in food, beverages and cosmetics will be revived from suspension and ready for Gov. Gavin Newsom to approve by spring. A coalition of hemp farmers, advocates and local governments worked through the off-session to submit amendments aimed at improving the

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The Nine Foundational Pillars Of Cannabis Markets

Worldwide, there are now more than 50 countries which are operating some form of legalized cannabis program, whether for hemp, CBD, medical cannabis, or adult-use cannabis. While each faces its own respective challenges for deploying a well-regulated system, it is becoming an increasingly common practice, and thus demanding incrementally more international cooperation. As regulated markets

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Over 250 attend legal roundtable

A legal roundtable took place in Columbia on Wednesday, January 29. Hosted by MoCannTrade, the event was attended by over 250 people representing over 80 operating groups. MoCannTrade organized the one-night, centrally located event putting applicants, stakeholders, investors and the brightest legal minds together in an effort to provide value to their members and contribute to

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Rise in cannabis legalization raises liability concerns

MIAMI — Captive insurance owners need to be ready for cannabis as the industry takes off and a growing number of states legalize it for medicinal or recreational use, experts say. Businesses are hiring increasing numbers of employees who may be using marijuana, which opens up a range of potential liability exposures, said Arthur G. Koritzinsky, managing

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Two cannabis industry experts launch consultancy GPS.Global in Denver

"Given that many of these networks are governed by federal regulations, there is great concern," says cannabis lawyer Garret Graff Last year, the marketing team at medical cannabis company Acreage Holdings decided to make history. They attempted to air a cannabis ad during the Super Bowl. “At our dispensaries all over the country we were

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The NCIA’s NorthEast Cannabis Business Conference Lands In Boston Feb. 19-20

Formerly known as “Seed to Sale,” the National Cannabis Industry Association’s NorthEast Cannabis Business Conference is coming to Boston, Massachusetts February 19-20. “As the legalization of cannabis sweeps across the norhttps://www.benzinga.com/markets/cannabis/20/01/15209581/the-ncias-northeast-cannabis-business-conference-lands-in-boston-feb-19-20theast, the industry's growth could result in billions of dollars of commerce and opportunity in the years to come. In order to keep up with the ever-changing

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A year has passed since President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized the cultivation of industrial and CBD-rich hemp. This legislative breakthrough set the stage for the first largescale hemp harvest in the United States since the Second World War. So, how’d it go? The much-anticipated hemp harvest in the autumn of 2019 was looked

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