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David Kotler, Esquire is an Attorney for Hoban Law Group and a shareholder with the law firm of Cohen Kotler, P.A. located in Boca Raton, Florida.

Medical Cannabis in Zimbabwe

Before I left on a five day trip in which I was given 6 days notice, wasn’t really sure of many of the travel details, and wasn’t certain exactly where I was going, my wife’s family actually asked me if I was positive I was going to comeback with all my organs intact. That’s how

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Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers: The Time To Move On Florida Is NOW

The Florida Department of Health adopted rules and noticed proposed regulations that establish the procedure by which applicants can apply for Medical Marijuana Treatment Center licenses. These rules and regulations also establish the process for evaluating the applications. The Office of Medical Marijuana Use will publish in theFlorida Administrative Register and post on their webpage when the office

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