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Craig Small is a Senior Attorney at Hoban Law Group and is a Past President of the Boulder County Bar Association.

Three Keys To Success With Marijuana Regulatory Agencies

Written by: Craig Small, Hoban Law Group September 2020 In the multiverse of marijuana regulatory agency interactions between marijuana business licenses, their counsel, and regulatory agency officials, a few modes of operation have emerged as critical to an attorney’s success in negotiating with such officials on behalf of their clients.  Certainly, there are an infinite

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Colorado Grants Pardons for Marijuana Possession

Marijuana Possession Convictions to be Pardoned in Colorado “The Governor may grant pardons to a class of defendants who were convicted of the possession of up to two ounces of marijuana.”  C.R.S. 16-17-102(2). On June 29, 2020 and in that one sentence, Colorado grants its Governor the unilateral power to pardon an entire class of

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Colorado Has Done The Right Thing With HB-20-1424

Growing Social Equity in the Marijuana Industry Colorado legislature has made progress to ensure social equity in the emerging cannabis industry. Although there are many metrics to calculate some of the damage the U.S. War on Drugs has inflicted on minorities, the true extent of the damage may ultimately be too severe to be calculable.

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NHL Marijuana Policy Approach As A Role Model For Other Professional Sports

With thirty-three states and the District of Columbia legalizing marijuana in some form or another in the United States, it is safe to say marijuana use is gaining social and cultural acceptance. But as public acceptance of marijuana use continues its mainstream march forward there are still bastions of resistance that maintain a dissimilar

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