Tae Darnell is an attorney and cannabis entrepreneur and he is Counsel to Hoban Law Group. In addition to the practice of law, Tae currently serves as the President of Sensi Media Group.

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Prior to joining HLG, Tae co-founded the Cannabis Law Center where he was one of Colorado’s, and therefore the nation’s, first full-time Cannabis lawyers. His firm has represented over 500 dispensaries, cultivation premises, and infused product manufacturing companies in addition to playing a pivotal role in Colorado’s rise from operating under a Constitutional Amendment to outright regulated legalization. Tae also wrote the original draft of the medical marijuana legislation recently passed in the state of Hawaii. Tae’s clients represent the definitive leaders in the Cannabis industry and include companies and individuals considered to be the future of the industry. He is also an active member of the National Cannabis Industry Association and sits on the esteemed board of the National Hemp Association.

In addition to his experience as a Cannabis attorney, Tae has significant public and private C-level experience and comprehensive expertise in the cannabis and sports and entertainment industries. Prior to joining Sensi Media Group, Tae was a co-founder, and served as both General Counsel and interim Chief Executive Officer, of Surna, Inc. He has worked or partnered in business with Grammy winners, Emmy winners, Indie winners, NFL, and NBA athletes. He was a licensed NFL Agent with active clients in the NFL and also once headed one of the largest independent record labels in the country, releasing over 65 recording projects in a 6 year period, winning 14 Album of the Year awards and securing the nomination for over 40. He has facilitated licensing for film and television to companies including ABC, CBS, PBS, TNT, Time/Life, Hallmark Entertainment, and MTV, and created successful relationships for retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, Tower Records, Virgin Megastores, Wal Mart, Whole Foods, Discovery Channel Stores and many more.


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