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Noah Potter has been practicing law as a commercial litigator in New York City since 2000. He has litigated and analyzed legal rights in a wide range of commercial and civil matters.

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Noah has litigated and analyzed legal rights in a wide range of commercial and civil matters, including corporate control disputes involving oppression of minority equity owners, commercial torts such as fraud and fraudulent conveyance, property easement disputes, commercial real estate foreclosure, and non-competition agreements.

As part of his growing appellate practice, in 2014 he had the privilege of arguing before the highest court in New York State, the Court of Appeals, where he successfully defended the enforcement of a liquidated damages clause in a commercial lease.

Noah also has over 20 years of experience and relationships in the drug policy reform sector.

As an undergraduate political science student at Columbia University he wrote his senior paper on the place of substance abuse treatment in the evolution of federal drug control bureaucracy in the United States.

In 2005 Noah joined the New York City Bar Association’s Committee on Drugs and the Law, a unique institution dating back to 1986. He served as chair from 2006-2009 and continues to participate in Committee activities. As chair he revitalized the Committee and brought it back to strength with a full complement of young members and original programming on issues such as New York City cannabis policy, the theory and practice of “regulated drug markets” versus criminalized markets, physician liability for opiate prescription practice, and conflicts between state and federal cannabis law.

In 2010 Noah founded his blog, New Amsterdam Psychedelic Law, where he conducts a cutting-edge analysis of the conceptual underpinnings of drug policy focusing on cannabis and psychedelics, including a deconstruction of the DEA’s legal theory for maintaining permanent cannabis prohibition.

In 2010 he became a general manager of the New York City Cannabis Parade, one of the longest-running pro-legalization advocacy events and cannabis culture celebrations in the world (dating back to the early 1970s) and the founding chapter of the Global Marijuana March. He formalized the parade organizing effort into a corporate structure, began fundraising from commercial sponsors and brought in speakers from national advocacy organizations and local government.

A little more about Noah

Noah studied Hebrew, Arabic, and political science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem while conducting an internship in the Addiction Treatment Department of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

He enjoys riding his bicycle all over Brooklyn, practicing yoga, gardening, cooking, monitoring the rapid expansion of the drug policy reform movement in New York City and giving unsolicited lectures on the evolution of consciousness-expansion themes in movies, the media, and other pop culture outlets.


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