Larry is an Attorney to the HLG since 2015 and runs his own commercial practice in Northbrook, IL in which he represents entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses.

Larry is Counsel to the Hoban Law Group since 2015 and runs his own commercial practice in Northbrook, Illinois in which he represents entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses. A lawyer for 32 years, Larry has traditionally focused his practice on assisting his clients in state and federal litigation, appellate and administrative matters including alternative dispute resolution options (arbitration and mediation) when appropriate.

In 2013, Larry expanded his practice to include representing groups seeking medical marijuana dispensary and cultivation licenses in Illinois as well as business interests ancillary to the medical marijuana market. Since that time Larry’s cannabis-based practice has greatly expanded in Illinois and nationwide to now include representations of third party providers to cultivation centers and dispensaries, manufacturers of infused and other cannabis and CBD based products, Illinois patients, cannabis-based investment funds and holding companies, and health care professionals in both medical and adult-use markets. Larry regularly consults with and counsels persons and groups looking for entry into or expansion within the medical and adult-use cannabis industry as well as the national and international hemp and CBD markets. A regular presenter on the national and international cannabis business conference, webinar and trade show circuit, Larry has developed a strong network of connections with persons in all parts of the legal cannabis and hemp industries throughout this country, in Canada, parts of Europe and the Middle East.

With the advent of adult-use marijuana in Illinois, Larry has become a regular source for local and national news outlets, frequently appears on Chicago’s local newscasts and has a weekly podcast, the Deadhead Cannabis Show, where he and Jim Marty of Bridgewest discuss all things cannabis and the Grateful Dead.
A big proponent of industrial hemp, Larry is also a board member for the Illinois chapter of the Hemp Industry Association.

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Dispute Resolution Services
  • Federal Law/FDA & FTC Compliance
  • Marijuana Business
  • Real Estate/Land Use
  • State/Local Regulatory Licensing and Compliance
  • Illinois


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