Frequently Asked Questions

No! HLG defines “cannabis business law” as the practice of both regulated marijuana law (medical and adult use) as well as industrial hemp. And while we’re proud to specialize in the needs of the cannabis industry, we stay true to our roots by continuing to work with non-cannabis related clients who have needs in the traditional corporate, real estate and civil litigation sectors, too.
Yes! Please check the Our Team tab on our website for more information. Hoban Law Group is a one-stop-shop for any of your business’ legal needs, from taxes to trademarks and everything in between. (short answer): Yes!
Yes! In 2018, Hoban Law Group expanded as HLG Global, an international consulting arm of our firm that works with clients in Europe, Latin America, Australia, Canada, Israel and several countries in Africa. In addition to our network of attorneys across the globe, we are a proud member of the InterCannAlliance and give our clients exclusive access to work with our Global Consortium Partners, who you can read more about on our HLG Global website.
The initial consult fee ranges from $275-425/hour, depending on the speciality and experience of the attorney you choose to work with. We will only charge for the time used during your consultation, and we happily waive initial consult fees for potential clients who execute engagement documents immediately after their consultation. Consult fees can be be paid in cash, check or credit card at the time of the meeting. Phone consultations require that a credit card authorization form be executed in advance of the call.
HLG’s headquarters are in Denver, where we were founded in 2008. Today, we have 23 offices throughout the US.
Hourly rates range from $295-525/hour for attorneys, with lower rates for legal staff and travel. Our standard fee agreement contemplates a retainer appropriate for your scope of work, and then our team will bill against that retainer at their hourly rates and collect the fees as they are earned. Clients receive a statement of their retainer balance and accounting for all work performed at the beginning of each month. In very rare circumstances, we will consider a flat fee. Our firm does not work on a contingent fee basis.
Please check our Our Team tab on our website for more information.
The retainers vary for each matter, but are generally between $2,500 and $10,000.00, depending on scope. An attorney can give you more information on a retainer during a initial consult. Retainers are billed against at an hourly rate and are intended to be replenished on an ongoing basis as they are depleted.
Hoban Law Group does not do any paid advertising in print, online or elsewhere. If you have questions about event sponsorships or speaking opportunities, please contact Kate Strickland ( for more information.