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HLG is a leader in providing professional services to the cannabis industry, which is comprised of the industrial hemp industry, the regulated marijuana marketplace, their ancillary service providers (finance, capital markets, compliance, etc.), and their international counterparts.

Robert T. Hoban
“The key to our decade of cannabis industry success has been the caliber of our clientele. Like them, we pride ourselves on being the ‘adults in the room’ when it comes to cannabis industry dealings. Because of this, I custom-built this law firm from the ground up to provide our clients with a sophisticated, full service, business-minded legal experience. All of our attorneys possess outstanding business acumen. We are cannabis industry experts, first; top notch lawyers, second. We help our clients’ businesses succeed. We are cannabusiness.”

- Bob Hoban


Industry participants require more than top notch legal services; they require a specialized skill set from their legal counsel to succeed; they require industry expertise to navigate unprecedented business challenges in this nascent industry; they require a large-scale leading-edge cannabis industry network to more efficiently achieve their goals. Since 2009, the Hoban Law Group has served that role. We help companies grow and succeed, from raising capital, to licensing, to operations and compliance, and to exit/acquisition. Our clients are businesses, family offices, venture capitalists, private equity funds, and publicly traded companies.

HLG is the Nation’s first (since 2009) full time, full service business-oriented law firm serving the cannabis industry exclusively. HLG is also the first U.S.-based law firm to expand its cannabis industry services across the globe, with attorneys in the European Union, Latin America, and beyond. With these resources, HLG builds out client asset portfolios within the global cannabis economy.

We serve businesses large and small, from established industry titans to early stage startups. Approximately half of our business flows from the industrial hemp side of the industry, and the other half from the regulated marijuana space. These two sides of the industry present different challenge and require unique legal expertise. This has caused HLG to pivot and build out a team of experienced attorneys to handle each segment’s distinct legal needs.

Because what we do is unique, we coined the term “cannabusiness” to aptly describe our practice. And because of what we do, who we are, and who we represent, HLG’s network is truly the largest cannabis industry network in the world. As a result, we have been working with the industry’s leading brands, companies, and ancillary players for nearly a decade.

With a distinctive combination of legal skill and business acumen, we help our clients’ businesses succeed in the extremely competitive cannabis marketplace. HLG attorneys have extensive experience with the wide array of issues which include: raising and deploying capital, industry due diligence, public company representation, land use and zoning, International trade transactions, corporate formation, FDA, securities and SEC filings, operational challenges, global strategies (E.U. Latin America, etc.), governance and structure, mergers & acquisitions (M&A) advisory , including start-ups, intellectual property, litigation, banking and finance, real estate issues, compliance and regulatory matters, state/local licensing, and tax strategies.

We combine deep industry experience with state/regional/global insight to help businesses stay informed and legally compliant as the industry evolves. We have gained international distinction for providing elite cannabis industry consulting and full service legal solutions for our international clientele. HLG’s depth of experience provides our clients with a competitive advantage when it comes to reaching their goals wherever they are located.


Our legal team consists of business focused attorneys trained to help you overcome problems, find solutions, and grow. We come from a wide variety of backgrounds and levels of experience, and we leverage that experience, as well as the strength of our network, to help your business succeed. And our attorneys are actively engaged in legal and professional organizations around the world, and we work tirelessly to strengthen our global network and knowledge base. We are regularly featured speakers at all major cannabis industry conference in the U.S. and abroad.

Whether you are a current cannabis business owner, or an individual looking to enter the industry, HLG can provide you the expertise you require to succeed.

Contact us today. Work with the premier cannabusiness law firm. Visit our website. Check out our online resources, videos, and blog content. And follow our daily industry updates for in-depth analysis on the issues affecting cannabusiness today.