Top Cannabis News From 11/27-12-1

Cory Gardner Wants to Lower Tax for Marijuana Businesses, Jeff Sessions Says Justice Still Discussing Federal Marijuana Enforcement, Colorado Leads Country in Hemp Production

Incoming NJ Gov. Murphy Names Head of Cannabis Trade Group as Chief of Staff

The Garden State could soon become a bit more green. Proponents of legalized marijuana in New Jersey are lining up in the aftermath of Phil Murphy’s election as governor, anticipating no-questions-asked pot sales to adults by late next year with an ally in the governor’s office. Read more.

Jeff Sessions Says Justice Still Discussing Federal Marijuana Enforcement

United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions continues to make remarks that alarm state-legalized marijuana industries and consumers across the country. Read more.

Senators Could Vote On These Marijuana Tax Amendments This Week

U.S. senators are expected to consider two far-reaching marijuana amendments to a broad Republican-led tax bill being debated on the floor this week. Both measures are sponsored by GOP Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado, and they concern the ability state-legal cannabis businesses to take tax deductions that are available to operators in other industries. Read more.

Veterans Are Key as Surge of States OK Medical Cannabis For PTSD

It was a telling setting for a decision on whether post-traumatic stress disorder patients could use medical marijuana. Against the backdrop of the nation’s largest Veterans Day parade, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced this month he’d sign legislation making New York the latest in a fast-rising tide of states to OK therapeutic pot as a PTSD treatment, though it’s illegal under federal law and doesn’t boast extensive, conclusive medical research. Read more.

U.S. Hemp Production Doubles in 2017, Colorado Grows Twice as Much as Anyone

Colorado grows almost 40 percent of all the hemp in the country, and more than twice as much as any other state. Read more.