Mindy Budzynski


Melinda Budzynski (Mindy) is Counsel to Hoban Law Group. Her practice area focuses on small business, especially in the medical marijuana industry. Mindy works with small business and families assisting them with start-up, policies and procedures, asset protection, estate planning and business succession. She has been active in the marijuana industry since 2013 and has spoken at industry events and presented before local legislative delegations and zoning boards regarding Florida’s medical marijuana industry. 

Mindy received her Bachelor of Business Administration from Davenport University and later, her Master of Management from Cornerstone University. After running a successful insurance agency for fifteen years, Mindy attended Western Michigan Cooley Law School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. During her second year of law school, she and her husband, Dennis, looked at each other and said, “Let’s get out of this cold weather!” So, Mindy took a legal job in Tampa Bay and began a new adventure. 

Mindy describes herself as an entrepreneur with a law degree because she views her business clients’ situation through the lens of a business owner, as well as through the eyes of an attorney. She understands the frustrations of dealing with employee issues, what it’s like to deal with a landlord, how it feels to get an unexpected tax bill, the pressures that family and illness can place on a small business owner, and worse-what it feels like to be threatened with legal action. 

But she also recognizes the immense joy and feeling of pride that results from being an entrepreneur, the rush of a completing a big sale and the wonderful feeling of camaraderie that comes when connecting with others who share a similar passion. She has found that the legal marijuana industry attracts such people and she loves using her skills to assist cannabis entrepreneurs. 

Mindy is a proud member of the Florida Bar Association, the Hillsborough Association for Women Lawyers, the Riverview Women’s Club, and is a board member of the Florida Gift of Adoption Chapter. She loves water sports, including water skiing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, and most of all-snorkeling. Her burning desire is to take her entire family (15 at last count) on a family trip to the Caribbean.