HLG The Week In Review 10.30-11.3

Will 2018 be the year marijuana takes over?, FDA sends warning letters to CBD companies, including Colorado’s CW Hemp, Budding Industry: Marijuana’s Impact in Colorado

Will 2018 be the year marijuana takes over?

So far, all the states that have legalized marijuana have done so through grassroots petitions and ballot initiatives meant to bypass risk-averse lawmakers in state houses. California, Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts, Alaska, Oregon, and the District of Columbia have all followed Colorado and Washington either to legalize the sale and use of recreational marijuana or, at a minimum, to decriminalize possession and consumption of small amounts of the drug. Read More.

Jeff Sessions Hates Marijuana But Cannabis Lawyers Are Ready to Fight Back

According to two top cannabis law firms, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ threats to crack down on America’s legal cannabis industries could be mere bloviation. The cannabis industry is playing a waiting game for the time being, but they may be able to relax, at least for now. Read More.

FDA sends warning letters to CBD companies, including Colorado’s CW Hemp

The Colorado company known for the “Charlotte’s Web” cannabidiol-rich extract and three other businesses that make CBD products were put on notice by the FDA for illegally making unsubstantiated health claims.

“I don’t believe alarm bells should be sounding,” Bob Hoban said, “but I think this requires that the industry should be looking at itself.” Read More.

At least 31 legal cannabis farms have been destroyed in the California fires

GLEN ELLEN, Calif. — Desperate to see if wildfires had damaged his farm, Marcos Morales gunned his four-wheel-drive station wagon along the hidden dirt roads that crisscross Sonoma County vineyards. After evading police roadblocks and passing vintners’ well-tended pools and houses, he finally arrived to a disheartening sight: Scores of his marijuana plants had been destroyed, and a barn that held 1,600 pounds of ready-for-market pot was a smoldering ruin. Read More.

Budding Industry: Marijuana’s Impact in Colorado

This month marks the fifth anniversary of the passage of Amendment 64, which legalized recreational marijuana for adult use in the Centennial State. Growers, extractors, infusers, and retailers all need help staying compliant with state requirements. Regulators and municipalities need assistance crafting fair and effective regulations. And then there are the sector’s extensive lobbying efforts at both the state and federal levels. That means almost everyone operating in the land of Mary Jane needs a good attorney, like the Hoban Law Group. Established in 2008, the Hoban Law Group focuses exclusively on cannabis. Hoban’s 42 attorneys provide legal and consulting services both to marijuana brands, like Hemp Meds, as well as to municipalities. Read More.