On September 18th, industry-leading cannabis law firms, including Hoban Law Group, filed an appellate suit on behalf of the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) and RE Botanicals, Inc. against the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) based on its recent Interim Final Rule (IFR). These parties will imminently pursue a District Court action related to the same IFR.

As you may be aware, the lawsuit claims this IFR is unlawful because it exceeds the DEA’s legal authority and violates the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (the 2018 Farm Bill), which Congress enacted with the intention of establishing a robust United States hemp industry without DEA interference.

To put it simply, the IFR makes all extraction of hemp materials nearly impossible, if not illegal. But does the DEA have this authority? The Plaintiffs say unequivocally no.

We need unity. These efforts and the hemp industry at-large need your support. We urge you to donate to the Hemp Legal Defense Fund and emphasize that anything you can contribute will help. The Hemp Legal Defense Fund is a nonprofit entity organized to raise funds for all legal actions necessary to protect and promote the United States hemp industry that challenge statutes, regulations, or other legal actions that endanger the economic health of the industry or the liberty of its participants.