The Hoban Law Group filed an amicus brief on behalf of two amici this week in support of the Petitioners’ writ of certiorari to encourage the Supreme Court of the United States to hear Marvin Washington, et al. v. William P. Barr, Attorney General, et. al.. Petitioners challenge marijuana’s schedule I status under the Controlled Substance Act (“CSA”) by arguing that Americans are deprived of life under the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment.

On behalf of amici CReDO Science, the American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine, Ethan Russo, MD and Jahan Marcu, Ph.D., the amicus brief joins Petitioners’ constitutional arguments to remove marijuana’s schedule I status. In addition to Petitioners’ arguments, amici advocate and provide insight into the obstacles researchers have historically faced and continually face when attempting to study the effects of marijuana and the public health risks associated with these regulatory obstacles. For example, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”) has continually impeded the ability of those researchers to meaningfully conduct this important research. Amici urge the Supreme Court to grant the petition because removal of the schedule I status will better allow researchers to conduct much needed clinical trials, as well as to study the benefits and risks associated with marijuana products available to consumers in state-legal markets which will guide the promulgation of regulations.

Hoban Law Group greatly values the opportunity to represent these amici and would like to acknowledge amici’s contributions and invaluable insight into the regulatory obstacles researchers face and the public health risks associated with marijuana’s schedule I status.