After producing over 100 episodes of The Hoban Minute, join us as we take a moment to recognize our Top 5 episodes.

Shift your perspective on cannabis with The Hoban Minute. Listen in weekly as Bob Hoban and Eric Singular sit down with hemp and marijuana industry thought leaders from across the globe to discuss international policy, the fundamentals of running a successful cannabusiness, the pulse of the emerging global cannabis economy, and much more.

#1 – Episode 3  101 CBD Justin Benton | How Small Cannabusinesses Can Weather the Storm

Bob and Eric sit down with Founder and Owner of California-based 101 CBD Justin Benton, to discuss what small business owners need to be addressing in the wake of COVID-19 and what steps are necessary to ensure consumer safety and relations during a pandemic.

#2 – Episode 1 Bob Hoban & Eric Singular Introduction

The spread of COVID-19 has put the world on edge. Like everyone, those in the hemp and marijuana industries are facing much uncertainty. Bob and Eric discuss what topics you can look forward to in this special series on “Coronavirus & Cannabis.”

#3 – Episode 53 Canalis Capital’s Raymond Harari | Tropicalizing Cannabis: Why It Isn’t Necessary to Reinvent the Wheel

Bob and Eric sit down with the founder of Canalis Capital, Raymond Harari to discuss the tropicalization of ideas in Panama, how the country has responded to COVID-19, overcoming the cannabis stigma in Latin America, and the difference between red ocean versus blue ocean markets.

#4 – Episode 7 GreenTech’s Mariska Dreschler | The Uncertain Status of Cannabis Events Worldwide Part 2

Bob and Eric sit down with the GreenTech’s Director Of Horticulture, Mariska Dreschler who shares her perspective on how the Netherlands has reacted to the spread of COVID-19 in the last few weeks. They discuss the decision-making process behind postponing the GreenTech Americas event that was scheduled for March 2020 in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico, and the GreenTech Amsterdam event that was scheduled for June 2020 in the Netherlands.

#5 – Episode 58 Ceci Zak and Eric Singular | Cannabis COVID Research

Ceci and Eric discuss a recent New York Post article on COVID-related cannabis research, the work that’s being done on this front in Israel and Canada, and why this signifies a step toward cannabis industry legitimization.