The Hoban Minute came to fruition in March of 2020, in the midst of great uncertainty for our planet. At the time, markets were nosediving, businesses were shutting down, grocery store shelves were getting wiped clean, governments were enacting stay-at-home orders, and a new term entered our collective consciousness, “social distancing.”

We had a different launch planned for The Hoban Minute, but we were compelled to shift our programming and address this unprecedented global pandemic and its impact on the global cannabis industry.

One of the silver linings that came as a result from stay-at-home orders, was that we were able to speak with leaders from around the globe and get their perspective on how COVID-19 was affecting cannabusinesses, the hemp and marijuana supply chains, and the cannabis economy. Hearing the different approaches countries were taking to combat the spread of Coronavirus was fascinating. Here are a few of the best Hoban Minute episodes featuring international cannabis leaders.

Opportunities and Silver Linings for Cannabis Entrepreneurs in a Pandemic

Bob and Eric consider opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship during a crisis, and how we can expect to see the European cannabis market grow in the months and years to come with the CEO of Reakiro, Stuart McKenzie. 

Tropicalizing Cannabis: Why It Isn’t Necessary to Reinvent the Wheel

Bob and Eric discuss the process of “tropicalizing” cannabis in Panama, and the importance of overcoming the stigma surrounding cannabis in Latin America with the founder of Canalis Capital, Raymond Harari. 

History of the Novel Food Catalogue

Bob and Eric explore how the evolving regulatory treatment of industrial hemp in the European Union, and what a novel food designation means for the future of CBD in the E.U. with Vice President of the European Industrial Hemp Association, Catherine Wilson. 

Cannabis & Sustainability

Bob and Eric discuss why sustainable development is the key to the future of the cannabis industry, and how hemp can help meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with founder and CEO of CMTREX (Cannabis Mercantile Trading Exchange), Saul Singer.

Cannabis Legalization in Mexico

Bob and Eric study the recent extension granted by Mexico’s Supreme Court on forthcoming cannabis legislation, and the importance of regenerative agriculture and crop diversification for Mexico’s farmers with the CEO of Cannabisalud, Lorena Beltran. 

The Uncertain Status of Cannabis Events Worldwide

Bob and Eric discuss the decision-making process behind postponing the GreenTech Americas and the GreenTech Amsterdam event with GreenTech’s Director Of Horticulture, Mariska Dreschler.

Positioning Mexico’s Cannabis Industry for Success

Bob and Eric investigate the potential for Mexico’s domestic cannabis marketplace, and how ANICANN is positioning Mexico for global cannabis industry supremacy with HLG international attorney Luis Armanderiz and the President of Mexico’s National Cannabis Industry Association (ANICANN), Memo Nieto.

An Update from the Czech Republic

Bob and Eric consider what’s on the legal and regulatory horizon for cannabis in the Czech Republic, and how the country will fit into the European cannabis supply chain with Chairman of Arrows International and Of Counsel to the Hoban Law Group, Vojtěch Sucharda

The Future of Hemp Fiber in the U.S.

Bob and Eric investigate the global market for hemp seeds originating from European plant breeders and the difference between practices between growing hemp for fiber versus cannabinoids with the CEO of Hemp Point, Hana Gabrielová.

How COVID-19 May Impact Consumer Behavior

Bob and Eric explore how consumers may drive increased sales for CBD products in a post-COVID world and the complexity and patchwork of regulations across the European Union with Prohibition Partners’ Head of Insights, Alexandra Curley