Hemp for victory—only this time, not for World War II, but for the sake of all humanity. Hemper fi!

Three-hundred and ninety-one thousand species of plants on Planet Earth, meet the one with 25,000 uses. The one that might be the one to save humanity from itself.

We’re talking, of course, of the Cannabis sativa plant—its marquee use being euphoria, but its industrial applications can be used to promote sustainability in manufacturing, packaging, building construction, bioplastics, textiles and more to help regenerate the planet.

For the U.S. hemp industry to come to full fruition, the solution is in finding consistent, scalable end-products that use the rest of the plant besides the flower. “We can realize benefits once we harness other parts of the plant,” says Garrett Graff, attorney with the Hoban Law Group in Denver. “CBD has been the governing portion of the plant to date, but how do we bring in fibers for efficient use of building materials, car parts, soil remediation—increasing the efficiency and yields of plants?”

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