Normally you might have found yourself in Amsterdam these days – talking about yield predictions, a new greenhouse or other relevant techniques. Yet we all know that due to COVID-19 many events had to be postponed, including the GreenTech. Fortunately there’s still a lot going on digitally. This morning the Webinar Talks kicked off with the grande finale of the ‘Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge’. Tomorrow ‘Indoor/vertical farming’ is on the agenda, Wednesday ‘Medicinal Cannabis’ will be covered. The webinars are for horticulture professionals worldwide who want to virtual deep dive into horticulture technologies.

Bob Hoban, president & founder Hoban Law Group, his view: “Will the cannabis industry continue to boom? The answer is a resounding yes. We are laying the groundwork for a new global commodity. We are just creating the surface of the cannabis plant’s potential, and how its seemingly endless applications will fit into global supply chains across countless verticals. While certain crazes will wax and wane, the future is undoubtedly bright.“

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