Last week, the hemp industry gained valuable insight into how the highest court in the European Union might rule on France’s ban on hemp-derived CBD products.

The advocate general at the Court of Justice of the European Union issued an opinion that the restriction was not in line with EU law – an announcement that could liberate the French market and prompt legislative reviews and reform in other EU member states.

Those thoughts were echoed by Colorado-based Hoban Law Group attorney Garrett Graff.

“The Court of Justice is meant to provide uniform application of EU law across the board,” Graff said. “The arguments set forth by the attorney general certainly could prompt France, as well as a number of other member countries, to reconsider the polices surrounding cannabis holistically, and how their respective laws relate to EU law or international law.”

“It’s been a maze of laws to date to navigate in the EU,” Graff said. “You see varying degrees to which members of the EU legalize or regulate cannabis derivatives,” with some legalizing both medicinal cannabis and hemp varieties, and others legalizing one but not the other.

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