Life has to go on. As much as we may want to simply sit back, pack it up, and see what tomorrow brings, we can’t. This is a time for leadership, a time to be diligent, to ask questions, pursue answers, and move things forward. At the end of the day, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. For those who own businesses, for the clients of our law firm, for so many in this nascent industry, we have to adapt if we are to get to that light. It’s incumbent upon all of us to shift our thinking so that we may appropriately address the hand that’s been dealt. We do so by asking questions and taking steps of action.

Yet, many of us don’t even know what those questions even are. There’s nothing wrong with that. This is precisely why we’ve taken some of our time during what I’m referring to as the “COVID Pause” to discuss this on our new podcast, The Hoban Minute.

We’ve spoken with leaders from around the world to hear their perspectives on the impact of this pandemic on the global cannabis industry in real time. While nobody could have planned for this scenario, this industry is so exciting, so limitless in terms of its possibilities, we are still poised for flight with wings spread bright.

It’s been heartwarming to see companies step up as responsible corporate citizens at such a critical time. We’ve seen a number of them quickly shift their capabilities in an effort to join the fight against this virus. Whether it’s making hand sanitizer or donating product to essential workers.

I hope you’ll take some spare time, and tune into The Hoban Minute to hear what questions small business owners should be asking right now. We explore the legal considerations of force majeure clauses, contracts, and limiting liability. But also the strategy – what are the fundamentals business owners need to focus on today. In the midst of all this uncertainty, how do you continue to build a sustainable company?

The hemp and marijauna communities have been fostered by the networking that happens at worldwide events. With all these gatherings postponed due to the “COVID Pause,” we check in with event organizers who are exploring digital avenues for bringing people together, whether it be virtual conferences or webinars.

No matter how dire the scenario, there are silver linings and opportunities for those who embrace solution-minded thinking. My good friend, Stuart McKenzie is one of these people. He shares his entrepreneurial spirit and the work he’s doing to produce a CBD hand sanitizer in the wake of COVID-19.

One of my favorite episodes so far has been with Dr. Uma. She shares her perspective on a topic that’s likely on all of our minds – how do you stay healthy when facing a pandemic of this magnitude. We discuss the frustration with the medical community’s lack of recognition of the endocannabinoid system. Not the function it serves, but that it even exists.

We are honored to share these conversations with the powerful voices that represent our industry. We live in a world more connected now than ever. We can’t forget, we are members of a global industry and a global community. It should come as no surprise that we need a global perspective now more than ever. The “COVID Pause” is giving us an opportunity to zoom out. This is a time to recognize that relationships go deeper than business.

There is undoubtedly a new world that is coming at us. Our chances of weathering this storm are much greater, the more we come together. Let’s continue taking steps toward that light at the end of the tunnel. Stay tuned.

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