Worldwide, there are now more than 50 countries which are operating some form of legalized cannabis program, whether for hemp, CBD, medical cannabis, or adult-use cannabis. While each faces its own respective challenges for deploying a well-regulated system, it is becoming an increasingly common practice, and thus demanding incrementally more international cooperation. As regulated markets are proving to yield many more successes than failures, New Frontier Data has identified some commonalities, described as nine foundational pillars for a successfully regulated market.

While observing and studying the evolution of dozens of new markets around the world, New Frontier Data joined with other established and respected international firms (Vicente Sederberg, Hoban Law Group, Steep Hill Labs, Simplifya, TheraCann, Mountain Medicine, and Lift) to identify and develop the ICA’s list of 9 Foundational Pillars which are required of any new cannabis market.

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