Europe is a diverse region in constant flux, and as a result so its regulations are ever-changing.

While the European Union (EU) includes 27 member states with approximately 447 million residents, the United Nations also recognizes 17 other nations on the continent. They make for a lot of moving parts, and despite overarching laws and regulations on a supranational level imposed by the European Commission, each EU country has its own laws for CBD and regulations for implementation. While in North America CBD products are readily available, the EU’s regulatory fragmentation is effectively constraining cannabis and CBD companies from making major inroads in the European market, while making it onerously difficult to move product between member states.

The sampling of examples gives indication of the  regulatory variable in Europe, and impacts unfolding as a result. New Frontier Data will continue to track regulatory developments involving European CBD, and will plan to discuss wider cannabis and hemp regulatory and policy on a global scale with Hoban Law Group at the InterCannAlliance Europe Symposium this April.

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