A Consulting Firm Positioned To Revolutionize The Global Cannabis Market

DENVER, January 23th, 2020– With 37 countries served and 25 years of collective wisdom, Gateway Proven Strategies (“GPS”) is a world-class cannabusiness consulting firm, positioned to accelerate the growth of the greatest industrial revolution of the 21st century. Founded by two of the top cannabis industry leaders, Bob Hoban and Charles Feldmann, GPS is paving the way for the global cannabis supply chain, navigating fortune 500 companies and world leaders through the nascent winds of the global cannabis marketplace.

Leveraging its vast global network, GPS has attracted a diverse team, boasting some of the brightest minds in the world, with unique backgrounds that range from global pharmaceutical executives and cannabis industry pioneers to attorneys, and former leaders in elite government organizations, including the FBI and DEA.

“I am thrilled to bring a breadth of knowledge and discipline to the business needs of this emerging industry. GPS is helping clients understand the global cannabis marketplace with respect to; regulatory frameworks, economics, and social impact. GPS works with clients to bring awareness to the ecological opportunities inherent in hemp, which has the ability to transform corporate sustainability metrics”, said Ceci Zak, Chief Operating Officer of Gateway Proven Strategies.

The GPS team delivers proven strategies and facilitates key partnerships that drive real revenues and actual profits for its clients. “When the Fortune 500 companies of the world are ready to turn to sustainable hemp-based products and Wall Street looks for real and profitable industry leaders to invest in, we are well-equipped to educate and guide them through that transition.”, said Charles Feldmann, Chief Executive Officer of Gateway Proven Strategies.

GPS is uniquely founded on proven strategies, providing top-tier analytics, operational and M&A consulting services for companies, investors and entities looking to globally scale their existing businesses. “Built to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of the international cannabis market, GPS in partnership with Hoban Law Group and International Hemp Solutions, can provide clients immediate access to the top players in the industry, in any jurisdiction that supports a regulatory framework for commercial cannabis”, said Bob Hoban, President, and co-founder of Gateway Proven Strategies.

With many exciting opportunities on the horizon, this new firm is positioned to transform the global cannabis market and the world as we know it.

For more information, visit www.GPS.Global  | For interviews with any of the mentioned companies, contact Deanna Callahan at Deanna@GPS.Global