Eric Jensen feels trapped. By now, the 43-year-old thought he’d be able to travel from his home in southeastern Colorado to see his son play college ball in the Midwest. But instead, he can’t cross the border into Kansas. He’s stuck hanging around his home town, where most of the residents have turned their backs on him, believing that he’s a hardened drug dealer. Instead, he’s facing criminal charges for something that’s completely legal in Colorado: hemp.

“Seward could be dealing with malicious-prosecution allegations,” suggests Patrick Goggin, a senior attorney with the Hoban Law Group, who notes that both national and Colorado law gave the Jensens the right to ship hemp outside of Colorado. “They might realize they don’t have any evidence that there was criminal intent when shipping the package, but still want to hold leverage over the Jensens. The prosecution has a strict policy against anything related to cannabis and will do whatever they can to prosecute someone for it.”

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