The intersection of hemp products and the law is typically the main point of trepidation for providers when it comes to offering CBD. From a legal and cultural perspective, cannabis has been so stigmatized that some providers might think there’s something illicit about CBD. There isn’t. In fact, the Federal government has made it a point to legitimize CBD when it comes to the law.

For some time, CBD products were existing in a legal grey area where the federal government was concerned. The Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Agency considered any part of cannabis — and that includes CBD — a narcotic, but they had not strictly enforced any laws when it comes to what is called “industrial hemp” products that include less than 0.3 percent THC, which covers most CBD products. As a result, many farmers and others further down the CBD economy have been reticent to participate in the business — until now.

So what changed?

Two examples of prominent firms with dedicated CBD resources would be the Hoban Law Group and Greenspoon Marder. An experienced attorney that understands local marijuana and CBD laws will ensure your business is standing on solid legal ground.

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