Contact: Halston Puchek
Date: 12/5/2019



DENVER, December 4, 2019 — Gateway Proven Strategies, in association with Hoban Law Group, Root Essential, and Frenchy Cannoli Brand are hosting The Golden Key Party in Las Vegas on Wednesday, December 11, 2019. A special thanks to our media partners, Green Entrepreneur, Leafly and CFN for capturing the launch of GPS. This private event is a highly- exclusive gathering of founders, executives and investors in the global cannabis industry.

Gateway Proven Strategies is a world-class cannabusiness consulting firm with the collective wisdom of 25 years in the industry. GPS is the natural extension of the global cannabis networks that its founders, Charles Feldmann and Bob Hoban, have created. “GPS will be launching at The Golden Key Party. We are excited to bring in leaders from around the world to experience such an amazing evening,” said Charles Feldmann, CEO of GPS.

GPS works with companies from around the world to navigate the complexities of building successful cannabis businesses that are sustainable. “We work with governments to establish hemp as a global export stimulating economies and replacing destructive materials like plastic with hemp-derived alternatives. GPS is literally paving the way for the advancement of the global cannabis industry,” said Ceci Zak, COO of GPS.

GPS is launching at the Golden Key Party because the theme aligns perfectly with their mission.

On the surface, the Golden Key Party is a multi-sensory immersion experience designed for a carefully curated guest list. “Upon deeper inspection you will find that it is the culmination of the creative energy of several wonderful individuals, the dreams and visions of many minds, coming together into one beautiful, interconnected experience,” said Halston Puchek, Director of Business Development at Hoban Law Group.

“The intentions of the event are rooted in a desire to pay tribute to the various producing countries around the world, to celebrate the cannabis traditions of these cultures and honor their history. These intentions stem into an experience that brings like-minded people together from around the globe in hopes that bridges will be built and connections will be forged that transcend borders, strengthening the global cannabis community. We hope that these intentions bloom into the advancement of the legitimacy of the global cannabis industry as a whole,” said Deanna Callahan, CEO of Root Essential and founder of the Golden Key Party.

“Through the endocannabinoid system, humans and the cannabis plant share a common evolution. Frenchy and I had the great honor of working with farmers in producing countries 40+ years ago where they generously shared their knowledge and traditions. We’re so thrilled to be able to continue evolution of cannabis consciousness and pass on these traditions through this event.” said Kimberly Hooks, CEO of Frenchy Cannoli Brand

Only through working together can we, at last, bring an end to global cannabis prohibition. It is through unity that we can overcome decades of suppression and stigmatization of cannabis, a healing herb. It is through supporting the initiatives of our non-profit partners continuing to fight for normalization, freeing prisoners wrongfully convicted and helping athletes to overcome opioid addictions, that we can help advance our cause, together.

Given the promising momentum manifested from the past two Golden Key parties, we anticipate this year to be a successful event that provides an environment where bonds and strong partnerships are formed.

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GPS serves the international cannabis markets providing a strategic operational approach to investment advisory services. GPS serves both the hemp and marijuana industries producing results and achieving clients’ goals of creating and maximizing profits. GPS links a clear strategy to proven tactics for long term success in the global cannabis industry. In the competitive world of the nascent global cannabis supply chain, GPS can provide immediate access to the top players in the industry in any jurisdiction that allows any form of commercial cannabis. GPS is in a position to provide deals and portfolio building to effectuate international expansion.

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