C3 Industries Closes Funding Round, Brings Total Capital Raised To $25M 

The Ann Arbor, Michigan-based cannabis company C3 Industries, said Monday it has completed a private financing round that brings its total capital raised to date to more than $25 million. Read more

South Africa’s Budding Cannabis Industry Is Waiting For Regulations To Catch Up

Western Cape greenhouse facility, Felbridge says that it is waiting for the South African government to catch up to the growing demand for cannabis cultivation in the country. Read more

Vermont Hemp Growers, Processors Look Back On A Season Of Lessons Learned

The number of people who grew hemp in Vermont this year more than doubled, and with a steep increase like that, there have been some growing pains among farmers and processors. Read more

Reviving The Hemp Market In The Central Asian Steppes

Three years since research and intensive awareness efforts began dedicated to challenging prohibitive public barriers, our company has secured government authorizations and regulatory segregated individual licenses for the farming, processing, transportation, importing, exporting of hemp and its derivate by-product assortments, including CBD oil with its tremendously versatile industrial application potential. Read more

5 Things Every Cannabis Entrepreneur Must Know About Raising Money

Raising a round of financing can be a struggle for entrepreneurs in any vertical. It’s an exhausting, time sink, that requires the entrepreneur to make decisions that will undoubtedly impact their business going forward. Read more

Good News For Cannabis Investors as Winn-Dixie Stores Inc. and Square Inc. Embrace The CBD Market

Investors are finally becoming comfortable with cannabidiol. CBD companies have traded on the New York Stock Exchange since 2015. Read more

USDA Suggests Farmers Pay Hemp-Promotions Fee, Offers No More Details On Rule Changes

The agency setting baseline national minimums for hemp production says growers should tax themselves to promote the new crop. Read more

Finland’s Government Will Consider Decriminalizing Marijuana In Response To Citizen Petition

Finland’s government will soon consider decriminalizing the possession and cultivation of marijuana for personal use after advocates garnered more than the required 50,000 petition signatures to trigger a review by Parliament. Read more 

Colorado Loosens Rules on Investing in Cannabis Businesses

Colorado’s prohibition on publicly traded cannabis companies and limits on out-of-state investments were officially lifted at the start of this month, heralding a new era of growth in the state’s industry — and potentially one of further corporate consolidation. Read more

High Flyers: Legal Cannabis Creates Grey Area For US Airports

As US states continue to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use, an awkward tangle of conflicting state and federal laws is proving confusing for airport passengers. What have been the unintended consequences of cannabis’s uncertain legal status in the US, and how have airports been affected? Read more

Cashing In On The International Hemp Wave

When Pawan Raj Joshi was visiting his children in the US, he noticed that a lot of retail outlets had products made from hemp. “There were shampoos, soaps, toothbrush, all made from hemp. There were even restaurants serving dishes that had hemp seeds as one of the ingredients,” said Joshi. That was two years ago. Read more

A Learning Curve For Farmers Growing Hemp, Pennsylvania’s Newest Agricultural Crop

At AgraPharm LLC’s warehouse in Beaver County, the scent of cannabis is potent. “What you’re smelling today is about only a third of what it really smells like when we first harvest the crop,” said AgraPharm’s CEO Ed Santillan. Read more 

CBD Regulation In NY Remains In Limbo

The U.S. Department of Agriculture released long-awaited regulations on CBD this week that provides more federal regulation of the growing of hemp plants, where CBD comes from. Meanwhile, in New York, a bill that would regulate the hemp extract is in limbo. The state legislature has approved it, but Governor Andrew Cuomo hasn’t acted on it yet. Read more

Cann Global To Lower Production Costs And Establish A Medical Cannabis Production Operation In South East Asia

The new company – Cann Global Asia – has been set up by the ASX-listed medical cannabis developer to focus on undertaking “legal broad-acre industrial cannabinoid (CBD) hemp cultivation and processing” as well as indoor cannabis cultivation in Southeast Asia. Read more

Missouri May Not Let Legal Marijuana Companies Pay Taxes In Cash. That Could Be A Problem

Late Monday, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services issued a proposed rule governing the way licensed medical marijuana facilities should pay taxes and other money owed to state government. Read more