London Cannabis Investment Fund Acquires UK CBD Manufacturer

A London cannabis investment firm has acquired a CBD manufacturer to launch its foray into European markets. World High Life will buy Love Hemp, which makes CBD topicals and edibles, for $11.23 million, the company announced Monday. Read more

Ecuador Sets Hemp THC Limit At 1.0%

Hemp reform is sweeping across the globe. The hemp plant has always been a versatile, useful plant but prohibition policies kept it from being put to widespread use for several decades in many countries all over the world. Read more

Legalizing Cannabis: Five Things For European Countries To Know

“The future is already here,” according to speculative fiction writer William Gibson, “it’s just not very evenly distributed. The future of cannabis is here, and it is playing out in North America. Analysis of data generated from the U.S. market gives Europe the advantage of having a roadmap for the dynamic new markets. Read more

Key Mexican Lawmaker’s Bill Would Legalize Marijuana Through Government-Run System

Mario Delgado Carrillo, the coordinator of the ruling MORENA party’s bench in the Chamber of Deputies, filed the legislation, arguing that regulating cannabis would promote public health and that having the program overseen by the government would prevent large marijuana companies from monopolizing the industry. Read more

Italy’s Cannabis Renaissance Taking Hold

Italy has a rich history and culture that has permeated many aspects of modern life across the globe. Despite being characterized by “political instability, economic stagnation, and lack of structural reforms,” it represents the world’s eighth-largest economy, making it the fourth-largest in Europe after Germany, the United Kingdom, and France. Read more

For The First Time In 50 Years, It’s Hemp Harvest Time In Rhode Island

On a bright and breezy afternoon with several more bluebird days expected, he stands amid his 65 acres of hemp bushes — some of the 70,000 plants already cut and drying at his feet — and feels weeks of anxiety lifting. Read more

Everything Coloradans Never Knew They Needed To Understand About Hemp

Coloradans have long been knowledgeable proponents of cannabis. But even if Centennial Staters have Ph.D.s in THC, many aspects of the nonintoxicating, industrial version of the world’s most controversial plant remain mysterious. Consider this your guide to the legally confusing, scientifically dubious, potentially lucrative world of hemp. Read more

The Outlook For Uruguayan Hemp: Q&A With Sergio Vazquez of Uruguay’s Agriculture Ministry

While Latin American countries generally have yet to see the formation of anything close to a real hemp market, some areas will begin to see an export stream next year. Read more

New Cannabis Report Predicts Legal Sales To Reach Nearly $30 Billion By 2025

New Frontier Data, a Washington, D.C.-based cannabis researcher, has just released a new industry report that takes a detailed look at forecasts and trends. Also subject to scrutiny are revenue projections, the black market, consumer behavior and potential interaction with the U.S. opioids market. Read more

Thailand’s Allowances For Low-THC Cannabis, Hemp Extracts Signal Global Aspirations

While Europe and North America scramble toward unleashing the potential of the hemp industry, other regions of the world are making small, but substantial, steps towards joining them in the marketplace. Earlier this month, Thailand’s Public Health Ministry announced that seeds and oils extracted from hemp would be removed from its list of controlled substances, i.e., Category 5 of the Narcotics Act. Read more

Feds To Propose Boost In Marijuana Quota For Research, Cut To Opioid Manufacturing Limit

Federal drug enforcement officials want to boost the amount of marijuana that can be legally produced for research in the United States while cutting the number of opioids that can be manufactured in the country. Read more

Breaking Down Congress’s Historic Marijuana Banking Vote

The House of Representatives approved a bill last week to protect banks that service marijuana businesses. But remarkable as it was to see the first standalone piece of cannabis reform legislation clear the chamber, perhaps even more impressive was the extent to which it garnered bipartisan support. Read more

Maine’s First Pick-Your-Own Hemp Field Opens In Whitefield

With pruning shears in hand and a laundry hamper on her hip, Khadijah Tribble roamed rows of waist-high cannabis in search of the perfect hemp plant – robust foliage, no bugs, and enough flowers to make CBD lotions and tinctures for the elders in her church community. Read more