A Note on September’s HLG Retreat

Over the last few years, we’ve developed a September tradition at Hoban Law Group. Our family of HLG attorneys, from across the country, and the globe, come to Denver for a two-day retreat. There has never been a room full of lawyers with less ego.

Over the last decade, our firm has grown to cover a diverse range of practice areas. As we continue to expand, the retreat days give us much needed time to strengthen the collective vision we all seek to create.

This retreat provides rich opportunity for professional relationships and friendships to grow, bonds to tighten, and ideas to flourish. It allows each team member to zoom out of his or her individual piece of the puzzle; to take a step back and consider how the work we do is architecting the global cannabusiness.

On a day-to-day basis, our firm works across the global cannabusiness space. We have Larry Mishkin working from a marijuana regulatory perspective in Illinois and Chicago; Steve Schain doing consumer finance and banking litigation in Philadelphia; Henry Munoz Vallejo working with the Antioquian government in Colombia; and Jaap Kras consulting on international cannabis law in the European Union, to highlight a few.

Over the next few months, synergy from the retreat will assist us in identifying creative ways to fit different pieces of this convoluted puzzle together.

Many of our HLG attorneys come from private practice and never anticipated they would end up back as a member of a firm. These esteemed individuals’ desire to be a part of HLG is a testament to the organic culture we’ve cultivated here. It’s our glue. Our practice continues to grow, attracting those individuals with a similar life philosophy. A perspective rooted in seeking a symbiotic balance between working hard and playing hard;  live and let live.

This HLG mindset is one of the reasons we are all so awestruck by the message of our favorite musicians, the Grateful Dead. Ample thought goes into strategically dropping Dead lyrics and references over those forty-eight hours. Dead lyrics epitomize the world we are working to create and our passion for our work at HLG, “sun and shower, wind and rain.”

The firm is where it is now because of the bonds we’ve fostered and the family we’ve cultivated. The retreat is a good reminder of what we’ve built and, “that without love in the dream, it will never come true.”