Democratic governors from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut took a landmark step Thursday toward coordinating recreational marijuana legalization efforts, agreeing on basic principles involving market regulation, taxation and social equity.

They also focused on the vaping crisis, agreeing that states should either ban flavored vaporizer products or regulate them to reduce their attractiveness to youth and that vape product safety standards should be implemented.

It is believed to mark the first such effort among a group of regional governors, and could spur others to follow suit.

Noah Potter, a cannabis attorney at Hoban Law Group in New York, had two quick takeaways from a news release summarizing what the governors agreed to:

  • The Northeast governors want to coordinate tax policy to avoid people from crossing state lines. Residents in New York already are reportedly frequently going to Western Massachusetts to buy cannabis products.
  • The Northeast corridor could legalize as a bloc in 2020.

“The question is to what extent there will be coordinated bill drafting,” Potter wrote in an email to Marijuana Business Daily.

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