The recent, unexplained rash of deaths linked to the use of vaporizers is creating concern within the cannabis industry.  Jim Marty and Larry Mishkin gave an in-depth discussion about the likely causes. They also reflect on its impact on the industry and talk about possible solutions. The show ends with a recap of the summer concerts and a preview of upcoming shows.

Yeah. You know, Jim, this vape crisis is turning out to be a problem first and foremost. Of course, it’s a problem for the individuals who wound up using these bad cartridges, because obviously the illnesses that they have are real. And that has to be our first thought was that people went out and enough to make whatever product it was that they chose. They got ill. And as we talked about last time, this is a real problem. And the industry, we believe, has certain duties to stand up and do something about it. However, the real question really is, can we get to the bottom of what’s really causing this? And I know you had some thoughts on that.”

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