Hawaii Decriminalises Possession Of Small Amounts Of Marijuana, Becomes 26th US State To Do So

The US state of Hawaii decriminalized possession of small amounts of cannabis on Tuesday, joining two dozen other US states that have adopted similar measures. Under the new law, anyone with up to three grams of marijuana faces a $130 penalty but the possibility of 30 days in jail for even a tiny amount of the drug, and a fine of up to $1,000, has been removed. Read more

CBD Makers RE Botanicals, Palmetto Harmony Merge

The new company is called RE Botanicals, though Palmetto Harmony will remain a brand name of CBD capsules, tinctures, topicals, vape oils and other products. RE Botanicals makes CBD topicals and tinctures under the brand name Pure Organic Hemp Apothecary. Read more

El Salvador Inches Toward Legal Medical Cannabis

In mid-July, a Salvadoran lawmaker introduced a bill to legalize cannabis for medical use, as well as legalizing domestic production and imports for this purpose. But the conversation around the bill is an exceedingly careful one. The Legislative Assembly’s Security Commission awaits recommendations from the Ministry of Justice and Security, as well as the National Drug Commission, before moving the bill forward. Read more

Zimbabwe To Legalize Growing Of Industrial Hemp

Zimbabwe will change its laws to allow farmers to grow industrial hemp for export, cabinet ministers said on Tuesday, adding that the government saw the plant as a future substitute for tobacco, the country’s biggest export earning crop. Read More

USDA: National THC Test For Hemp ‘As Challenging As You Think It Is’

Federal agriculture authorities are struggling to craft a nationwide THC testing standard so that state and local regulators can tell hemp from marijuana, complicating the release of standardized production rules, according to an official with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Read more

Up In Smoke: Pre-Employment Marijuana Testing Goes Poof In NYC And Nevada

Starting next year, job seekers in New York City and Nevada will no longer have to worry about whether they’ll flunk a pre-employment drug test — and lose out on a job — because of that joint they smoked the week before. Read more

For The First Time, The Kentucky State Fair Presenting Sponsor Is A Hemp Company

The Kentucky State Fair starts on Thursday, and the presenting sponsor will be a hemp production company — a first in the fair’s 115-year history. Read more

Michigan Creates Rules For Testing Industrial Hemp

The state launched a pilot program this year allowing for the growing and processing of hemp. The state’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development on Thursday announced emergency rules that establish sampling and analytical testing methods for measuring the concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol in the emerging crop. Read more

‘I Feel Lucky, For Real’: How Legalizing Hemp Accidentally Helped Marijuana Suspects

Late on a Friday night in April 2018, Donte Chazz Williams drove from his home in southeast Houston to his girlfriend’s just outside the city. A block from her house, he coasted through a stop sign, drawing the attention of a Fort Bend County sheriff’s deputy. Read more

Police Searched a Pennsylvania Man’s Car Because It Reeked Of Pot. A Judge Just Ruled That’s Illegal

In a case that highlights the confusion over the legality of medical marijuana, a Lehigh County judge has ruled in favor of a Germansville man whose car was searched because it smelled of cannabis ― potentially setting up a legal showdown over a rule that allows police to enter vehicles when they don’t see anything illegal. Read more

Legal Cannabis At Five: Colorado’s Maturing Market Demonstrates Impacts & Opportunities

As a new wave of states from Illinois to Missouri face their advent of newly legal cannabis, New Frontier Data’s analysis of Colorado’s first years of legal cannabis offers insights about the country’s most established adult-use market, as a guide for expectations as mores states adopt policy reforms. Read more

Finger Lakes Hosts Nation’s First Hemp Seed Bank

Christine Smart, professor in the Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology section of the School of Integrative Plant Science (SIPS), said the seed bank will allow plant breeders to develop more resistant varieties. Hemp crops are already showing vulnerability to some insects and diseases. Read more

Portland Unveils Proposed Rules For Marijuana Businesses

Portland officials unveiled a proposed licensing regime for adult use and medical marijuana operations on Friday that would cap the number of retail stores at 20 citywide and possibly lead to more restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries. Read more

Study On Cannabis Chemical As A Treatment For Pancreatic Cancer May Have ‘Major Impact,’ Harvard Researcher Says

Pancreatic cancer makes up just 3 percent of all cancers in America. But with a one-year survival rate of just 20 percent (and five-year survival rate of less than 8), it’s predicted to be the second leading cause of cancer-related death by 2020. Read more

Aiming To Bring Africa’s Abundant, Untapped Hemp Market To Bear

As hemp companies and foreign investors seek new global markets for establishing operations, one region in particular resides relatively untapped. In terms of natural resources, Africa is one of the most abundant locales in the world, and features approximately 200 million hectares of uncultivated land – nearly half of the world’s total, according to the World Bank, and more than the total cultivated area in the United States. Read more