The Hemp Industries Association (HIA), in association with Hoban Law Group, Bluebird Botanicals, and Bish Enterprises, is pushing forward a national campaign aimed at addressing Facebook’s advertising policy that prohibits the marketing and promotion of industrial hemp to an even bigger objective. Now, they’re taking aim at the financial sector and law enforcement nationwide.

In May, the HIA launched its “Hemp is Legal” campaign aimed at pressuring Facebook to implement an advertising policy change starting with a digital call to action in Times Square that reads: “Facebook: Stop Censoring Hemp.” Facebook has since issued policy updates including an announcement eliminating the restriction on CBD topicals on their marketing platform. Now, the HIA draws attention to another critical challenge facing hemp entrepreneurs – discrimination from financial institutions and law enforcement.


“We need the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to come out with uniform testing standards for law enforcement, which right now do not exist,” said President and Founder of Hoban Law Group, Bob Hoban. “Most of the seizures we’ve seen in the last three to six months have all been because of testing problems and testing protocols, not because the plants were really marijuana.”

Additionally, Hoban insists that United States Federal law enforcement and the USDA have a responsibility to educate law enforcement across the country regarding the hemp industry.