Alabama Senate Passes Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana for Ages 19+

The Alabama Senate approved a bill to legalize medical marijuana on May 9, 2019. In a 17-6 vote, the chamber cleared the legislation, which would allow patients 19 and older with certain conditions to obtain a medical cannabis card that would allow them to use, possess, and purchase marijuana from licensed dispensaries. Read more

The African Cannabis Market Could Reach $7.1B by 2023

In the global cannabis landscape, Africa is an overlooked market. This is due to a number of factors, such as the illegality of the plant across the continent and the poor economic conditions that many African countries face. Read more

Cannabis, Waste and Cash: Revenue, Investment and M&A Opportunities From the Imminent Accelerated Growth of the Marijuana Industry

Growth of cannabis revenue, investment and M&A opportunities should greatly accelerate as big states such as New York and New Jersey take the anticipated step of legalizing the sale of recreational marijuana. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently said he expected such legislation to be approved by June of this year. In addition, it is now more of a matter of “when,” not “if” Congress will allow the marijuana industry to use the commercial banking system, which will be a major factor in a growth boom. Read more

Sipp Industries Announces Plans to Penetrate Texas Market with Hemp and CBD-Infused Beers

Last week the Texas House of Representatives, by unanimous vote 144-0, approved a bill legalizing the cultivation and production of hemp in Texas.  House Bill 1325 which is authored by Rep. Tracy King, D-Batesville, would enable farmers to grow hemp as an industrial crop under a regulated state program.  The bill, which is now in Senate, would also legalize hemp-derived products made with CBD oil. Read more

A candid Review Of Cannabis Multiples

Multiples, either from publicly traded comparable companies or transactions, are commonly used in practice to imply values of private companies. But the cannabis industry has several nuances that can limit the use or relevance of traditional earnings multiples in inferring the valuation of other companies. Read more

Nikki Fried: Florida Hemp Program Would Create An ‘Industrial Revolution’

Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried ran on a platform of what she called ‘the three W’s’: weapons, water and weed. Within months of her swearing in, it’s that last W that’s already generating a buzz around the state.  Read more

Levi’s Found A Way To Make Hemp Feel Like Cotton

With the legalization of hemp in the United States last December, the industry has been exploding: Reports and Data estimates it’ll be worth $13.03 billion by 2026. While you’ve probably noticed hemp-derived CBD products everywhere, hemp also has major implications for sustainable clothing — and denim icon Levi Strauss & Co. has made significant progress in making this happen. Read more

Hawaii Legislature Sends Marijuana Decriminalization Bill To Governor’s Desk

A marijuana decriminalization bill is heading to the Hawaii governor’s desk after the House and Senate signed off on a conference report reconciling their respective versions of the legislation on Tuesday. Read more

Know The Law: Here are Denver’s Rules For Growing Marijuana Legally

It’s legal to grow marijuana within the city of Denver, but you can’t grow those plants anywhere you want. With the growing season right around the corner, the Denver Police Department launched a new campaign to educate homeowners about what they can and can’t do. Read more

Uruguay Begins Exporting Medical Marijuana, Germany Is First EU Client

Already the first country in the world to legalize recreational use of marijuana, Uruguay now aims to go further by becoming the first in Latin America to export it for medicinal purposes.  Read more

Marijuana: A $166 Billion Market?

Marijuana may be “just a plant,” but it has Wall Street and investors seeing green and grinning ear to ear at its long-term growth potential. Read more