7 Statistics Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Legal Cannabis and CBD

How fast is the stigma of cannabis fading? Consider the numbers: Cannabis, whether for medical use or recreationally by adults, is legal in 33 states, Washington, D.C. and the U.S. territories of Guam and Puerto Rico. An estimated 73 million Americans live in the 10 states that have legalized for adult use. A record-high 62 percent of Americans agree cannabis should be legalized. Read more

U.S. Cannabis Companies See Finance Terms Improve

The old days of back-alley loan rates are giving way to better financing. As any operator in the U.S. cannabis industry knows, securing financing can be a little like climbing Mount Everest — it’s incredibly hard, you may not make it, but if you get to the top, it’s a great view. There are now signs that the climb might be getting easier. Read more

Colorado Supreme Court Rules Police Need Probable Cause Before Using Pot-Sniffing Dogs To Search For Drugs

The Colorado Supreme Court greatly diminished the role of police dogs trained to detect marijuana with a ruling Monday that created another divide between how state and federal law enforcement can investigate pot. Read more

Hawaii Legislature Sends Marijuana Decriminalization Bill To Governor’s Desk

A marijuana decriminalization bill is heading to the Hawaii governor’s desk after the House and Senate signed off on a conference report reconciling their respective versions of the legislation on Tuesday. Read more

Applications To Grow Hemp Pour In To Illinois Department of Agriculture

he Illinois Department of Agriculture received nearly 400 applications to grow or process industrial hemp in the first 24 hours after they became available. Agriculture officials said Wednesday they received 295 applications to grow the plant on 7,100 acres (2,873 hectares). Another 74 applications to process the harvested crop arrived. Read more

Over-Valued And Over-Regulated: Why Some Cannabis Investors Are Shunning Canadian Firms And Eyeing U.S. Operators Instead

Many Canadian licensed producers might never achieve profitability and eventually lose ground to their American counterparts because of oversupply and onerous marketing restrictions — the combination of which will lead to commoditization, according to some investors in the cannabis space. Read more


D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser Unveils Bill To Legalize Recreational Marijuana Sales

D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) announced legislation Thursday to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana dispensaries in the nation’s capital, setting up a potential showdown with the federal government. The District’s marijuana laws are in limbo. Residents may grow and possess small amounts of the drug under a 2014 voter-approved law. Read more

Vancouver Startup Aims To Digitize Agriculture Sector, Starting With Cannabis

The agricultural sector may not be seen as a high-tech innovation hub, but a new generation of growers specializing in Canada’s new star crop are looking to overhaul the industry with digital record-keeping and analysis. Read more

Applications For Hemp Licenses Continue To Balloon Across US

The number of applications to grow hemp received by states has continued to increase rapidly in the wake of the 2018 passage of the Farm Bill. The West Virginia Agriculture Department reported that the number of licenses issued so far this year has more than tripled to 158, compared with 46 in 2018. Read more

Top Democrats to Introduce Bill Removing Marijuana from Controlled Substances List

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries announced Thursday they are reintroducing legislation that would remove marijuana from the federal controlled substances list, decriminalizing the drug at a national level and effectively leaving states to decide their own marijuana laws. Read more

Bipartisan Group Of Attorneys General Urge Congress To Pass Marijuana Banking Bill

A bipartisan group of attorneys general from 33 states and five territories are urging Congress to advance a bill that would allow cannabis businesses access to the federal banking system. Read more

Get wise: How Law Firms Help The Cannabis Industry Understand industrial Hemp’s New Legal

The cannabis industry is still fighting for the long road ahead. Despite the rallying of 33 states for The SAFE Banking Act, and regardless of the 2018 Farm Bill’s statute legalizing the production and shipment of industrial hemp, the United States is still slow to accept the cannabis industry as legitimate. One of the most difficult hurdles lately has been transportation. Read more

University of Maryland, Baltimore Looking To Create Graduate Program In Marijuana

University of Maryland officials are moving to create a new graduate program for the study of cannabis science and therapeutics beginning this fall. University officials submitted a proposal to a University System of Maryland’s Board of Regents committee Tuesday in hopes of making the program available through the University of Maryland, Baltimore and The Universities at Shady Grove, according to the document. Read more