Wall Street banks face hurdles as they rush to cover the suddenly booming marijuana industry

Goldman Sachs star beverage and tobacco analyst Judy Hong was hoping to do some early research into the multibillion-dollar cannabis industry — that is, until she was stopped by the investment bank’s firewall blocking certain content. Read more

Cannabis jobs pay 11% more than the US median salary, and demand is up 76%

As more states legalize cannabis usage, the industry that provides the drug has gotten a burst of confidence in its long-term prospects and is rapidly expanding. Read more

Genetics, Business and Politics Changing Cannabis [VIDEO]

For thousands of years humans have cultivated a species of plant known as Cannabis Sativa.  In the 21st Century, it may be the plant’s turn to change us. Read more and watch here

As tobacco sales dry up, Kentucky farmers look to the state’s ‘original crop’ — hemp

Now the conservative state is on the front lines of what is expected to be a booming hemp industry nationwide. Some say the crop is as ingrained in the state’s culture as bourbon and thoroughbreds. Read more

House Oks industrial hemp bill despite Noem’s call for delay

State representatives have overwhelmingly advanced legislation to legalize industrial hemp in South Dakota days after Gov. Kristi Noem asked lawmakers to shelve the efforts this session. Read more

Constance Finley’s Midlife Detour To Cannabis Extraction Connoisseur

Constance Finley, founder of Constance Therapeutics, checked off all those boxes. But she also brought something more to the mix. As a trained chef, she had a deep appreciation of quality ingredients and a disciplined approach to handling them. So when she set out to concoct medicine to treat her chronic autoimmune condition, her culinary sensibilities guided the process. Read more

Uruguay Betting on Exports of Medical Marijuana

The country got a head start on competitors in December 2013 when it became the first in the world to regulate the cannabis market from growing to purchase, a move that has brought a wave of investment. Read more

Hawaii, hemp capital of the world?

For eight years, the Hawaii Farmers Union United Convention has been a key knowledge bank for farmers from Australia to Singapore, Kenya to Britain. Now, hemp and cannabis are working into the model. Read more

CBD Sports Wellness Beverages Emerge as Possible New Category

After using prescription medication for some time, he feared that long-term use could damage his kidneys and decided to seek an all-natural pain reliever. When Davis tried CBD — cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive cannabis derivative — he claimed it transformed his body; not only did his joints feel looser but, after struggling with migraines since childhood, he said he has not experienced any in over a year. Read more