Hemp vs Corn: Crop Value Chart Comparison

With the slow and steady progress from hemp prohibition to national legalization, farmers, entrepreneurs and investors are planning and planting more hemp acres. Read more

2019 U.S. Cannabis Outlook

Continued dramatic growth is expected for the legal cannabis industry in 2019. As of January 1, now 33 states plus the District of Columbia (D.C.) have legalized cannabis for medicinal use, with 10 states and D.C. permitting adult use. Read more

Industrial hemp: North Carolina poised to exploit an old new crop

From oil to textiles – and even prosthetics – developments in hemp-based innovations and products are accelerating at warp speed. And some experts say North Carolina is poised to lead the way. Read more

Hemp Bets Grow After Crop Is Legalized

Hemp is poised for a comeback. The fast-growing plant related to marijuana was farmed across the U.S. for more than a century, its strong fibers woven into rope and textiles. Read more

California, Michigan, Crack Down on Unlicensed Cannabis Retailers

The deadline for unlicensed cannabis dispensaries, collectives, and co-ops to come into licensing compliance in California was January 9, and leaves hundreds of the state’s cannabis vendors at the mercy of local and state regulatory systems they say are burdensome and prevent their ability to obtain licensing. Read more

City of Denver Teams With Rising Cannabis MarCom Agency to Spotlight Initiative for Expunging Marijuana Convictions

Denver residents who have been convicted of low-level marijuana offenses can now request to have their record expunged through the city’s recently launched program, Turn Over a New Leaf. But past history in other states shows such initiatives are often under-utilized. Read more

The Next Big Thing in ‘Green’ Packaging Is Hemp Bioplastic

Kevin Tubbs, founder of the Hemp Plastic Company, sees the world through bioplastic glasses. The Denver-based company specializes in flexible bioplastic packaging containers made from byproducts of nutritional hemp processing. Read more

Get ready for Hurricane Mary Jane: legal cannabis in New York

It is almost beyond doubt that the state will pass a law by summer fully legalizing the cannabis market. A working group appointed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo will release draft legislation soon—possibly this month. But no one is prepared for the wave that’s about to hit. Read more

Green future is seen for Colorado’s hemp industry

The future is hemp, Tim Gordon says. And the future is now. Gordon is the president of the board of the Colorado Hemp Industries Association. Some have called the passage last month of the U.S. farm bill, which takes hemp from a Schedule 1 controlled substance to an agricultural commodity, as a game-changer. But Gordon calls it “a game starter” for the fledgling hemp industry. Read more

The Marijuana Billionaire Who Doesn’t Smoke

With the help of Big Beer and Big Pharma, Brendan Kennedy’s Canadian cannabis company Tilray has unexpectedly become America’s gateway to the legal marijuana industry. Read more