Here’s the Medical Cannabis Super Bowl Ad CBS Refused to Run

It was all over the news on Tuesday: CBS rejected a public service announcement highlighting the benefits of medical cannabis, which was intended to be aired during the 2019 Super Bowl. Read more and watch the ad here

CBS rejects Super Bowl ad on benefits of medical marijuana

CBS rejected a Super Bowl ad that makes a case for medical marijuana. Acreage Holdings, which is in the cannabis cultivation, processing and dispensing business, said it produced a 60-second ad that shows three people suffering from varying health issues who say their lives were made better by use of medical marijuana. Read more

Why hemp could take off (and how the shutdown is fueling uncertainty)

After the passage of the 2018 farm bill, which opened the door to industrial hemp production, farmers and business owners started planning for a big year for the crop in 2019. But for now, they will have to wait. Read more

How Hemp Became—and Continues to Be—Insanely Lucrative

Derived from identical plants, vastly easier to cultivate, and profoundly more profitable, industrial hemp always lacked legalized marijuana’s sizzle. Read more

Local hemp manufacturer claims $500K-worth of legal hemp confiscated in Oklahoma

The president of a Colorado hemp company says more than 17,000 pounds of his legal product has been confiscated by police in Oklahoma. Four contractors, transporting the plants from Kentucky to Colorado, remain under arrest. Read more

Industrial Hemp: ‘Comeback Crop’ Will Benefit Farmers [PODCAST]

An expert panel outlined the politics, agronomics and economics of industrial hemp at a workshop at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 100th Annual Convention. Federally outlawed for more than 50 years, industrial hemp is making a comeback. Read more and listen to the podcast

How Malcolm Gladwell Got it Wrong in His New Yorker Article

If you’re a fan of Malcolm Gladwell, the Canadian journalist and author with a knack for transforming data sets into insightful stories that challenge long-held tropes of human nature and psychology, you’ve no doubt heard of the latest saga that has his fans and critics taking to the Internet to comment on his Jan. 14, 2019, New Yorker piece, “Is Marijuana As Safe As We Think?” Read more

Interest in hemp in Minnesota

Minnesota’s hemp program is getting inundated with calls as farmers, municipal leaders and producers look into investing in the newly legal crop. Read more

Uruguay continues Latin American cannabis leadership with hemp industry

Uruguay, often recognized as the pioneer in legalized recreational marijuana, is also building a solid foundation to support its hemp industry. Read more

Rhode Island Governor Proposes Legalizing Marijuana

Bowing to pressure from nearby states that are moving to legalize marijuana, Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo (D), who has long remained reluctant about the issue, says she will formally propose in her budget this week that the Ocean State end cannabis prohibition. Read more

CBD Oil on Amazon

From Halloween costumes to hemp oil, you can buy just about everything online. However, the question is…should you buy CBD oil on Amazon?  Read more

Sweet Leaf Owners Get a Year in Jail for Illegal Pot Sales

Sweet Leaf owners Anthony Sauro, Christian Johnson and Matthew Aiken will serve jail time for their roles in the dispensary chain’s scandal over illegal marijuana sales, ending over a year of legal battles between the company and law enforcement. Read more