Collaboration will create compliant cannabis experiences for consumers at music festivals

LOS ANGELES, California, December 4, 2018 —  Regulated Solutions Group (RSG), the first event marketing, sales and distribution compliance platform dedicated to the global cannabis and hemp industries, today announced a strategic partnership with PRØHBTD, the leading cannabis lifestyle media and brand platform, and Hoban Law Group (HLG), the premier cannabusiness law firm. The three organizations are working together to help cannabis consumers discover new brands through compliant mainstream experiences.

The partnership is focused on the challenge of reaching and educating consumers about cannabis brands, and the team has identified music festivals as an ideal platform to do so. Music is a key companion experience with cannabis and a passion point of the cannabis target consumer. The festival experience is an opportunity to educate, entertain and create cultural relevance for brands. While excitement and interest in the category is high, these consumers need a trusted guide to help them discover new brands and Regulated Solutions Group’s experience delivering compliant consumer activations at festivals makes them the ideal partner for cannabis brands hoping to create a relationship with consumers.

“As the United States moves towards legalized cannabis, we are seeing huge shifts in the regulatory landscape and in customer demand,” said Peter Goldstein, Co-founder, Regulated Solutions Group. “Partnering with PRØHBTD and Hoban Law Group ideally positions us to smooth the way for cannabis brands looking to navigate complex compliance requirements when trying to market their brands to consumers. RSG expertise in event design and execution at festivals for brands in other regulated categories (spirits and tobacco), combined with the cannabis expertise of our partners, provides a robust and compliant offering to cannabis brands unlike any industry”

Kieve Huffman COO at PRØHBTD adds “Regulated Solutions Group provides a compliant path to include Cannabis at the world’s biggest music festivals so it’s a natural extension for us to partner with them to help consumers discover new brands at their favorite events”.

“The social integration of cannabis-whether that be hemp-derived products or THC products–is moving very rapidly,” said Hoban Law Group President and CEO Bob Hoban. “Festivals, concerts, outdoor events, and gatherings will feature these items, brands, and products more frequently than ever.  In doing so, it is essential that the venue management employ the expertise of true industry veterans, like Regulated Solutions and its team. Failure to do so can lead to disastrous consequences for the event, and for the cannabis industry as a whole.”

About Regulated Solutions Group

Regulated Solutions Group is the first event marketing, sales and distribution compliance platform dedicated to the global cannabis and hemp industries. The Company provides a suite of services for its cannabis and hemp brand partners to legally activate at festivals, music venues, events and retail locations while leading all functions of event development, production and execution. Regulated Solutions has built strategic partnerships with some of the largest festival promoters and concert venues in the country to deliver compliant activations.  The Regulated Solutions team has significant experience in the sales, distribution and marketing of regulated consumer packaged goods for some of the industry’s largest global companies in spirits, beer and tobacco. For more information on Regulated Solutions Group, go to


PRØHBTD creates, builds and markets cannabis brands to global audiences.

Our mission is to lead cannabis from the black market to the supermarket.

The company has built a first of its kind cannabis ecosystem that includes brand creation and product development complemented by an original content studio. Additionally, PRØHBTD created the first and largest multi-platform video distribution network in the Cannabis industry reaching an available audience of 100+ million people.

PRØHBTD is recognized as the exclusive global cannabis partner of Advertising Week, All Def Media, Post Media and Entrepreneur Magazine.

The company is venture backed with $12 Million in funding and has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and Vancouver.

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About Hoban Law Group

Founded in 2008, Hoban Law Group is the leading national law firm specializing in cannabis law and policy. Headquartered in Denver, the firm offers expert legal and business law counsel across the United States.