Denver, CO — Attorney Bob Hoban will travel internationally this month to conduct
business relating to hemp, medical marijuana and retail cannabis. As Managing Partner
of Hoban Law Group and one of the most highly sought after experts in a booming $10B
industry, Hoban will visit Spain, Poland, and Israel to explore new business
opportunities, provide consulting, and to deliver a special session at CannaTech.

On behalf of International Hemp Solutions and Bija Hemp, Hoban will meet in Poznan,
Poland with the Polish Institute of Natural Fibers and Medicinal Plants to discuss global
expansion of their most recent deal on industrial hemp seed imports. Business will
continue in Warsaw where additional steps will be taken towards establishment of
Hoban Law Group Polish offices and attorneys. Hoban will also consult with government
ministries in Poland to advise on medical marijuana and hemp; and to discuss expansion
ideas on behalf of clients.

In Eastern Spain, Hoban will represent clients in merger and acquisition discussions and
evaluate industrial hemp seed replication possibilities. Additionally, he will represent a
client on the acquisition of two cannabis clubs, and one of the largest cultivation
facilities in Europe.

Bringing a breadth of knowledge and expertise, Attorney Bob Hoban will join hundreds
of fellow cannabis professionals in attendance at CannaTech Tel Aviv. He will deliver a
special session with fellow attorney Yoav Etzon, titled Legal Landscape: Developing the
Legal and Regulatory Landscape for the Global Medical Cannabis Industry.

About Bob Hoban: Bob Hoban and his firm are the nation’s go-to legal experts in
cannabis business. As a former professor at the University of Denver in the Law and
Society Program, Bob is an expert on cannabis and hemp-related legal and policy topics,
as well as government regulations, public policy and research-based policy. He has
drafted more than 30 bills for the Colorado General Assembly.

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