Financial and Legal Experts Join Forces for $7+ Billion Industry

DENVER, Colo. (November 16, 2017) – San Francisco- and Denver-based cannabis Capital
advisory firm Mazakali has just announced a key strategic partnership with Denver-
based Hoban Law Group, the nation’s premier international “cannabusiness” law firm. The two
firms represent hundreds of businesses and investors, have executed more than $200 million in
corporate, M&A, private equity, venture capital and debt transactions, and are aligning to form a
strategic partnership to provide unprecedented capital advisory, M&A and related services to
the cannabis industry – the fastest growing sector in the United States and perhaps the
world. The Mazakali capital advisory firm with Hoban Law Group will use SeedChange
Execution Services, Inc. of San Francisco as its licensed broker-dealer. Member FINRA/SIPC.

“It has been crucial to us to bring the highest levels of business integrity to everything we
do. Our integration with the executives of the largest cannabis law firm in the country in this
exciting new industry adds an important element of legal oversight as we work to help capitalize
businesses via SeedChange Execution Services, Inc.,” says Sumit Mehta, CEO of
Mazakali. “Our focus going forward is exclusively on capital raising and M&A advisory services
as we bring decades of legal and Wall Street experience under a shared umbrella.”

“We are very excited to be partnering with Mazakali to bring industry-leading capital advisory
and M&A services to the cannabis space. There is no platform that currently exists in the
marketplace that fully delivers a comprehensive solution to companies who are raising capital
and pursuing M&A transactions in the industry. With a team that has over 75 years of combined
legal, regulatory and finance experience, from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, Mazakali is uniquely
positioned to provide such a solution,” said Robert Hoban, Founder and Managing Partner of
the Hoban Law Group.

Brent Johnson, CEO of the Hoban Law Group, will assume an active role in Mazakali as
Executive Vice President, Finance and Operations. Johnson has managed and executed over
$2 billion in corporate, capital raising, private equity, venture capital and M&A transactions. He
has also managed multiple investment funds up to $70 million in assets under management.
Bob Hoban, founder of Hoban Law Group and Alejandro Guardiola, CFA, Managing Partner of
SeedChange Execution Services, Inc. join Mazakali as strategic advisors. Steven Ernest of
Mazakali transitions into a new role as Executive Vice President, Investments.

About Mazakali: 
With offices in San Francisco and Denver, Mazakali helps companies raise capital and investors
place capital. Decades of legal and financial experience guide our values and vision. Securities
offered through Seedchange Execution Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC.

About Hoban Law Group:
The Hoban Law Group is the nation’s only full-service cannabis business (“cannabusiness”) law
firm, servicing all legal medical and adult use states. Formed in 2008, the Hoban Law Group is the
nation’s largest and most experienced cannabis business law firm, providing expert commercial
legal advice to its clients involved in the various regulated marijuana businesses, including
cultivation, extraction, manufacturing and retail sales, as well as the industrial hemp industry and
related ancillary and financial services spaces. The Hoban Law Group has attorneys in every
state and territory where legalization has occurred.  The firm is expanding internationally in 2018
in the EU and Latin America.

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